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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is in the process of implementing the transition to Kuali Research as the new Electronic Research Administration (eRA) system for the campus. Over the next several months, multiple stakeholders – including faculty and staff campus wide – will be asked to participate in this project to provide input on our business processes which will help shape this system to be as impactful as possible for our campus.  We have already implemented all of the back office modules, and will now be focusing on rolling out the PI-facing modules of Protocols (both IRB and IACUC), Conflicts of Interest, and Proposal Development.

Kuali Modules

Module Name



Institutional Proposal (IP) and Awards COMPLETED January 2021 The first step to moving from a paper based process to Kuali is migrating data and creating Institutional Proposals for all existing sponsored awards. This covers all historical sponsored project records as part of a data conversion process. The IP records will contain summary data of proposals that have already been reviewed and approved by ORSP and submitted to sponsoring organizations. Each proposal is assigned an IP number, a unique identifier that allows users to search for a particular proposal. The IP record contains reportable information such as basic proposal information, personnel information, budget, and sponsor information. Once a proposal is funded, the data in the IP record is used as the basis of the Award record and is fed into PeopleSoft Finance improving the quality and timeliness of the award setup process.
Protocols IACUC

COMPLETED October 2021

Protocols for Animal Use/IACUC work will transition to Kuali in the late Summer to early Fall 2021. The Protocols module streamlines the development of protocols and facilitates best practices in protocol management throughout the protocol lifecycle. Kuali will facilitate fast, clear, and specific communication between the IACUC and animal researchers to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Conflict of Interest (COI)

COMPLETED October 2021

The Conflict of Interest module will be used by faculty and research staff to report and update all required disclosures as necessary. The COI module will be populated with all relevant questions for PIs and personnel to review and attest to.
Protocols (IRB) COMPLETED March 2022

Protocols for Human Research/IRB will transition to Kuali in March 2022. Similarly to the IACUC module, this will streamline the development of human research protocols and facilitate best practices in protocol management throughout the protocol lifecycle and improve communication between the IRB and researchers to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Proposal Development (PD) COMPLETED
Fall-Winter 2022-2023
The PD module will replace all paper based grant submissions, and once rolled out faculty and staff will create and route a proposal for approval and submission. The PD module has a place for all of the information needed for a complete proposal including basic proposal information, personnel information, proposal attachments, and budget. The PD module is tied to a list of sponsors, organizations (for subawardees), UMass Boston personnel, and an address book (external to UMass Boston contacts). This process replaces the use of all paper based routing and supports electronic grant submissions.

Improved offerings include:

Our Kuali eRA system will provide researchers with administrative and compliance support  commensurate with leading research universities. Kuali offers many improvements over the current paper-based systems, including:

  • Electronic preparation, review and submissions of grant proposals and all IRB and IACUC protocols
  • Elimination of our paper based, grant preparation and internal routing processes
  • Easy navigation and a modern, user-friendly interface that includes a principal investigator dashboard
  • A single repository for all proposal, award, and compliance information
  • Productivity and reporting tools to streamline and better manage the full lifecycle of sponsored projects
  • Reporting capabilities that offer users the tools to leverage our powerful repository of information to gain important insights and make more informed decisions

What do you need to know?

October 2022 update

  • Implementation of COI, IACUC and IRB is complete.
  • Kuali Proposal Development (PD) Phase 1 Rollout for Group 1 targeted for 11/28/2022.
  • Presentation to Deans introducing Kuali PD was held 10/5/2022.
  • Kuali PD Training being developed.

Sept 2021 update

  • Implementation of COI, IACUC and IRB are on target.
  • Presentations to Deans to introduce the changes and impacts.
  • Larger campus-wide communications, training and outreach being developed.

Feb 2021 update

  • Implementation of the Institutional Proposal and Awards modules occurred on 2/1/2021.
  • Planning for Proposal Development, COI, IRB and IACUC will occur in February and March 2021.
  • Stakeholder engagement to review business processes  and focus groups and other opportunities for faculty and staff to provide feedback throughout the process

Feb 2020 update

  • There are no immediate changes or steps that you need to take
  • Implementation will take place in the next few months. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will share a more detailed timeline in February
  • Next steps include stakeholder engagement to review business processes and build system integrations (including campus kick off meetings on February 7 and 8)
  • There will be focus groups and other opportunities for faculty and staff to provide feedback throughout the process

Need more information?

For questions regarding the project, please email ORSP.