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Whether you are an experienced PI or a new investigator planning your first project, the UMass Boston’s ORSP Pre-Award Team is here to help. If you’re not sure where to start, you’re in the right place. The Pre-Award Team provides resources for targeted funding searches, reviews eligibility requirements, and offers guidance on interacting with funders including foundations, corporations, or public agencies.




 Pivot Funding Opportunities Database

Pivot provides a comprehensive database of funding opportunities worldwide and across all disciplines. Individual users can perform funding searches, create their own weekly email funding alert, save lists of funding opportunities, and search for potential research colleagues on- or off-campus. Pivot is available to any UMB faculty, staff, or student with an email address.
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Curated Funding Opportunities

Funding for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Funding for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Both federal agencies and private funders support efforts to broaden participation and enhance diversity among faculty, researchers, and students in higher education. In addition, many opportunities exist to conduct new fundamental and applied research on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Click here for a list of DEI funding opportunities


 Funding for Junior Faculty

These programs are intended for faculty, usually with the rank of Assistant Professor. Find opportunities by using Pivot and selecting “Individuals: Early Career and Emerging in Field” under “Applicant Type.” Consult each program’s solicitation or program site for more detailed information and current deadlines.

Click here for a list of funding opportunities for Junior Faculty.
Click here to learn about NSF’s Career Development Program.
Click here to learn about NIH Programs for Early Stage Investigators.

Limited Submissions

Limited Submission Funding Opportunities are externally sponsored grants that limit the number of submissions, and may require an internal selection process. Faculty are responsible for conducting their own funding searches, tracking the limited submission opportunities that they are interested in, and notifying ORSP if they identify a limited submission opportunity for which they intend to apply.

Click here for a list of Limited Submission funding opportunities.

Find Collaborators

Find Collaborators

Collaborative research has many benefits, such as sharing resources and experience, providing support for a larger project, and division of labor. Some funders favor interdisciplinary research teams. When creating a profile in Pivot, be sure to add key words that are relevant to your research area(s). This will help potential collaborators find you. You can also use your key words to find potential collaborators.

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