Departments falling under the purview of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance are:

Budget and Financial Planning
Chris Giuliani, Associate Vice Chancellor, (p) 617.287.5107

Campus Master Planning
Andrew S. Weiss, Campus Planner, (p) 617.287.5162

Campus Services
Diane, D'Arrigo, Assistant Vice Chancellor, (p) 617.287.5052

Contracts and Compliance 
Darryl Mayers, Assistant Vice Chancellor, (p) 617.287.5458

Controller's Office
Leanne Marden, Director of Fiscal Operations & University Controller, (p) 617.287.5196

Emergency Management and Business Continuity
Justin Comeau, Assistant Emergency Manager , (p) 617.287.5104

Dorothy Renaghan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, (p) 617.287.5486