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Student Forms

Forms for MA and PhD Students

Course Substitution Waiver: Form completed by students and signed by graduate program director when looking to substitute courses in the program.

Incomplete Grade Contract: Students must submit this form to receive a grade of "Incomplete" for a course.

Individualized Plan of Study: Proposal worksheet for students to use when planning their course of study. Individualized Plan of Study is designed specifically for those students who have compiled a collection of classes that constitute a clearly defined specialized concentration that will fulfill a professional role or responsibility.

Independent Study Agreement: Form detailing student's plan for their independent study track. This form includes formal signatures by the Independent study supervisor, the student's faculty advisor, and the graduate program director.

Internship as an Independent Study: Form detailing a student's plan for pursuing an internship. Once this form is completed and signed by all parties, the student will be registered for GISD 696.

Request for Advanced Standing: Form to be filled out by a student in conjunction with the Graduate Program Director. Advanced Standing is awarded to students who are admitted to a doctoral program with relevant graduate level coursework or a master’s degree in the same or related fields of study.

: To be completed by non-degree students wishing to take a graduate course.

Course Audit Permission Form: Students wishing to audit a course must submit this form.

Concentration Proposal Form: Students fill out this form to select their concentration.

Graduate Student Withdrawal Form: Students wishing to withdraw from their graduate program, either temporarily or permanently, must complete this form.

Graduate Degree Application: Students submit this form to apply for their degree at the end of their graduate program.

Graduate Credit Transfer Approval Form: Must be signed by the graduate program director for a student to transfer course credits (from UMass Boston or another university) toward a SGISD degree program.

Forms for PhD Students

Financial Aid Dissertation/Thesis Status Form: Signed by the SGISD program coordinator and filed with Financial Aid to confirm that a student is working on their thesis.

Dissertation Form 1: Notification of candidacy. Filed when a student has passed preliminary examination and is ready to begin dissertation work.

Dissertation Form 2: Notification of proposed dissertation committee. To be submitted to the dean of graduate studies for approval, prior to the committee’s approval of a student’s dissertation proposal.

Dissertation Form 3: Notification of proposal acceptance. Submitted when a student’s dissertation proposal has been accepted.

Dissertation Form 4: Notification of intent to defend dissertation. To be signed by final dissertation committee, major advisor, graduate program director, and dean of graduate students.

Dissertation Form 5: Results of dissertation defense. A report on the results of the dissertation defense, including the committee's vote.

To fulfill the second language requirement, students need to submit the second language assessment worksheet. The person assessing the student's language skills must complete the rubric for assessing proficiency in a second language.

Student Handbooks

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