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Award Letter

Financial Aid award packages will be available beginning in late June for eligible continuing students who have submitted their 2023-2024 FAFSA and have completed To-Do List items in WISER.  Award eligibility will be viewable in WISER.

The number of credits you take, your residency status, and your grade level are used to determine your aid eligibility and affect your offer. Please notify Financial Aid Services if this information is not correct on your award letter.

An undergraduate award offer is based on a full year’s costs for a full-time student: 12 or more credits per semester is considered full-time. In order for an undergraduate student to graduate in four years, you must take five courses (or 15 credits) per semester.

A graduate student’s award letter is based on six credits.

Awards are determined in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Federal government, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and UMass Boston and are subject to change or cancellation based on changes to the laws and/or a student’s eligibility.

Types of Aid

Your total award is a combination of Grants and Tuition Credits, Loans, and Federal Work Study. Your award letter will include of a breakdown of these different sources of aid. Grants and tuition credits do not have to be paid back. Loans must be repaid. If your grants and other gift aid cover the cost of tuition and fees, you may not need loans! 

Financial Aid

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