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Project at Home in Lieu of Final Exam

Team Experimental Work Over Zoom

  • "This collaborative chemistry project was in lieu of the final exam in General Chemistry when we were in remote instruction. I think the idea could be adapted to team projects in other science lecture or lab courses or in language learning, performing arts, or other subjects where students can collaborate to produce a novel outcome. In the chemistry course, pairs of students chose either taking apart a common battery to figure out how it operates as an electrochemical cell (project option 1) or analyzing acid-base properties of a medicine at home (project option 2). All experiments could be done in the kitchen at home with household materials. Partners found a mutually available time and did the experiments together in zoom. I set up the grading as team projects in Blackboard with a rubric and provided grading¬†instructions for TAs including how to record feedback and scores in Blackboard."
    -Hannah Sevian (Professor, Department of Chemistry, and Associate Provost)