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Student Employment


  • Graduating Students:

    Congratulations SPRING Graduates! Thank you for a great semester of work!

    The last day you may work is May 20, 2016. Talk to your Supervisor about your schedules.

  • Maintaining Work Eligibility:

    Students must resolve any administrative holds (negative service indicators) by May 20, 2016 to continue working after SPRING Finals.

  • Looking for a Part-Time job? Please visit the new PART-TIME OFF-CAMPUS JOB database. Local employers will be posting part-time openings weekly. Click on Employment Opportunities to access the database.

Current News:

Important Notices to Students:

All On Campus positions and Off Campus Federal Work Study positions are now listed on the UMass Boston Career Services Online website.

If you have just been hired for your first job with the University, you must complete Pre-Employment Paperwork before you can start working. Please come to Student Employment Services to fill out paperwork.  You must present proper identifications.  Acceptable IDs include, but not limited to: unexpired U.S. passport, Permanent Resident Card, Social Security Card or U.S. Birth Certificate.  Contact Student Employment for a list of all acceptable IDs.

Student Employment Services (SES)

Students, not sure where to start? Review the Hiring Steps for general information on finding a job.

Ready to look for a job?

  • If you have a Federal Work Study award, you can apply for Work Study positions On and Off-Campus and can also apply for On-Campus positions that do not require Federal Work Study.
  • If you did not not qualify for Federal Work-Study, you are still eligible to apply for On-Campus positions through the Institutional Student Employment (Non-Work-Study) Program.
  • On and Off-Campus Federal Work Study and Institutional Student Employment Program positions are listed on UMass Boston Career Services Online website
  • Student Employment Services also works with local employers to notify students of Part-Time Off-Campus employment opportunities in the area.

About these services

Student Employment Services (SES) uses the UMass Boston Career Services Online website to list all of the opportunities available in the Federal Work-Study and Institutional Student Employment programs, including community service opportunities.

The Federal Work-Study Community Service Program is limited to local nonprofit agencies offering community service positions. The program funds 75 percent of the student's wages, offering off-campus nonprofit organizations an opportunity to provide community service jobs for students at a fraction of the cost.

The Part-Time Job Program, on the other hand, is open to a broader array of employers. Please remember that the listed companies do not have any affiliations with UMass Boston, unless it is an Off Campus Work Study position. While we make every effort to make sure the information is from secured sources, please use your discretion when reviewing employers and their employment opportunities.



Student Employment Services reserves the right to modify and update Student Employment guidelines, regulations, policies and procedures, as needed and without notice, to comply with governmental and University regulations.