Eligibility & Conditions of Employment

The regulations below are those specifically related to your employment as a student at UMass Boston. Violation of the Conditions of Student Employment or any other procedures set out in this Handbook may result in termination of the student employee.

Policies Concerning Withdrawals

Ineligible to enroll for the next semester

Students will be terminated from payroll after the last day of finals if they are not eligible to enroll in classes for the next semester. Students may lose eligibility due to a negative service indicator, withdrawal or suspension from the University. Students with a negative service indicator can be rehired after the administrative hold is resolved and are able to register for classes.


Students who are withdrawn or suspended are not eligible to work on the student payroll system.

Students who are on the payroll can not have a withdrawal date prior to the last date worked. Be sure to talk with your academic advisor and financial aid counselor about the ramifications of withdrawing from classes. Notify your work supervisor and Student Employment Services prior to your withdrawal. 

Please Note:



SES requires all new employees to complete Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification no later than the first day of employment.   Any hours worked before an I-9 Form is completed will be considered volunteer time and will not be paid. Employment eligibility may be revoked for violation of this policy.