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CNHS Welcomes its Newest Partners in the Dedicated Education Unit Program

Partners since January 2008: Partners Healthcare - Massachusetts General Hospital

Implemented in January 2008, our innovative clinical education academic-service partnership opened two DEUs after a year of planning and collaborating with the undergraduate nursing program's adult health nursing courses at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) and selected nursing units at Partners Healthcare. This clinical academic-practice partnership fosters a collaborative relationship allowing nursing education to inform nursing practice and patient care delivery and, in turn, nursing practice informs nursing education through the dedicated education unit clinical innovation model. On April 26, 2018 we held a celebratory program honoring ten years in this historic partnership- Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) Outcomes: Past, Present, and Future, at the Haber Auditorium, MGH. 

Newest Partners- Bedford VA, South Shore, and Spaulding Rehab Hospitals

We are proud of our sustaining partnership with MGH and also excited about our newest clinical education partners. Our nursing program began a fundamentals level DEU, at the Bedford VA in Spring 2014, which continues today (NUR 226 course). Students work closely with staff nurses on long term care and hospice units caring for the older veteran population. Most recently we began new adult health clinical DEUs at the South Shore and Spaulding Rehab Hospitals (NU-310 and NU-455).  

We continue to promote the Dedicated Education Unit model as a clinical education innovation and conduct ongoing scholarly activities with our collaborating partners.