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Research and Grants

Research and Grants

Examining the impacts of implementing the Dedicated Education Unit Model is a critical component of the DEU Program. In December 2009, CNHS was awarded a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $300K grant that allowed MCNHS to conduct a longitudinal in-depth study of the impacts of the model on a wide range of outcomes, from student learning to faculty retention and nursing college enrollment rates. Results from the study contribute to both local and national approaches for providing a nursing workforce of the future and addressing future nursing shortages.

Read more about the grant and the research study:

RWJF Program Awards $300K Grant to Conduct Research on 'Dedicated Education Unit' Model

Read more about Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education at their website:

Addressing the Nurse Faculty Shortage by Supporting Evaluations, Generating Evidence and Disseminating Findings - Project PDQ – Partnering for DEU Development and Quality

Principal Investigator: JoAnn Mulready-Shick, EdD, RN, CNE

Program Evaluator: Kathleen M. Flanagan, PhD, FBJ Consulting

Also learn about Quality and Safety Competency Integration on Dedicated Education Units and the UMass Boston College of Nursing and Health Sciences involvement in the Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) grant, Implementing Quality and Safety Competencies at the Unit Level in an Innovative Clinical Education Model. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation during Phase II of the QSEN grant, UMass Boston was chosen as one of fifteen schools nationally to receive grant support for collaborative work with partnering agencies on quality, safety competency development.