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Department Chair Resources


The Office for Faculty Development is eager to support you by coordinating activities designed for you—based on your feedback—please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Resources for Major Personnel Reviews

Information and documents for each major personnel review: Sr Lecturer, 4th Year Review & Tenure, Professor

General Resources

Best Practices for Dissertation Advisors and Advisees
Department Chairs' handbook
Department Mentoring Plans

Helpful Articles

“Twelve Tips for Department Chairs,” Henry L. Roediger III
“Handling Conflict with Difficult Faculty” Ben Bissell
“Some Thoughts about Successful Department Heads,” Rod Erickson

Holistic Evaluation of Teaching
Onboarding New TT Faculty Tip Sheet
Sample Department Constitutions


Search Process Guidelines for Faculty Hiring
Student Equity, Access, and Success (SEAS), Department Chairs' Meeting
Summary of Major Personnel Actions and Other Procedures, AY 2022-2023
Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process