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Graduate Student TA Resources

Creating a Teaching Portfolio: Guidelines for Teaching Assistants

  • Judith Longfield from Georgia Southern University provides a definition of a teaching portfolio, it's benefits, and gives tips on how to create a proactive portfolio for teaching assistants.

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

  • Joseph Codde from Michigan State University provides a brief summary of how to apply seven principles for good teaching in undergraduate education.

TA Guidelines - Assistants in Large Lectures

  • These guidelines are intended to support excellent learning experiences for both the undergraduates in large lectures and for the teaching assistants in them.

TA Training - Principles of Interaction

  • The TA Training grid suggests good ideas concerning 4 principles of Interactions including maximizing student/faculty conduct, prompt feedback, time on task, and communicating high expectations for TA work with professors.

The Socratic Portfolio: A Guide for Future Faculty

  • Laura Border from the University of Colorado, Boulder provides a short overview on the developmental process of creating a  Socratic portfolio.