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Retired Faculty Resources

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Retired Faculty Leadership Council

The Retired Faculty Leadership Council helps UMass Boston understand and meet the needs of its retired faculty. It meets twice per year to discuss current topics on campus and make recommendations to further the mission of the retired faculty. It also has a rotating subcommittee that selects recipients for the Endowed Faculty Career Development Award. For more information, please contact:

Endowed Faculty Career Development Fund & Awards

The Retired Faculty Leadership Council sponsors the Endowed Faculty Career Development Award to provide financial support for scholarly research and professional development. Awards are given to one or two tenure-track faculty members annually. Donations to the Endowed Faculty Career Development Fund are greatly appreciated.

Three award recipients discuss how grants from the fund benefited their research.

Susan Zup             Lisa Cosgrove           Victoria Weston

Annual Retired Faculty Luncheon

Every year the Office of the Provost, OFD, and University Advancement welcome the retired faculty to campus for a luncheon. This year, the luncheon will be a hybrid retired faculty get-together in October 2021.

Retired Faculty Newsletter

The Office of the Provost publishes the Retired Faculty Newsletter.

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Spring 2017 Fall 2017
Spring 2016 Fall 2016
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Spring 2013 Fall 2013
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Endowed Faculty Career Development Fund Recipients

  • 2020 Matthew Rocklage, Marketing and Shannon McHugh, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • 2019 Travis Johnston, Political Science and Shailja Pathania, Biology
  • 2018 Jens Rister, Biology and Niya Sa, Chemistry
  • 2017 Wenhua Shi, Art
  • 2016 Matthew Bell, Engineering and Ayesha Irani, Asian Studies
  • 2015 Keren Horn, Economics and Douglas Woodhams, Biology
  • 2014 Amy Cook, Counseling & School Psychology
  • 2013 Helen Poynton, School for the Environment
  • 2012 Aaron Lecklider, American Studies
  • 2011 Lakshmi Srinivas, Sociology
  • 2010 Susan Zup, Psychology
  • 2009 David Pruett, Performing Arts and Eileen Stuart-Shor, Nursing
  • 2008 Erin O'Brien, Political Science
  • 2007 Lisa Cosgrove, Counseling & School Psychology
  • 2006 Lynnell Thomas, American Studies
  • 2005 Cheryl Nixon, English
  • 2004 Juanita Urban-Rich, School for the Environment
  • 2001 Ann Blum, Latin American Studies and Iberian Studies
  • 1999 Victoria Weston, Art