UMass Boston

Contact by Department Assignment

Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) Pre Award  Post Award

 Shala Bonyun 

Nicole Cohee


College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) Pre Award  Post Award
All CEHD (except SGISD) David Harrison  Yen Truong
School for Global Inclusion and Social Development (SGISD) Maggie Mode XiaoWen (Wen) Lao


College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Pre Award  Post Award
All CLA (except MGS)  Maggie Mode 

 Nicole Cohee 

All McCormick Graduate School (MGS)    Mary Harris  Nicole Cohee 


College of Management (CM) Pre Award  Post Award
All CM Jessica Marron

Nicole Cohee


Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences (MCNHS) Pre Award  Post Award
All MCNHS (except Gerontology) Jessica Marron Lisa Powers 
Gerontology Jessica Marron   Yen Truong


College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) Pre Award Post Award
All CSM David Harrison  Lisa Powers


Honors College Pre Award  Post Award
All Honors College Maggie Mode Nicole Cohee


School for the Environment (SFE) Pre Award  Post Award
All SFE Mary F. Harris Yen Truong


Student Related and Other Pre Award  Post Award

Student Equity, Access, and Success (SEAS) 
Academic Affairs

Maggie Mode Nicole Cohee
Vice Provost for Research (VPR) Shala Bonyun Lisa Powers
Graduate Studies Shala Bonyun Rebecca Hanson
Enrollment Management, Student Affairs Shala Bonyun Lisa Powers
Venture Development Center (VDC) Maggie Mode Lisa Powers
Administration & Finance (A&F) Shala Bonyun Lisa Powers


Other Centers and Institutes Pre Award  Post Award
Center for Social Development and Education, Institute for Asian American Studies, Trotter Institute, William Joiner Institute Maggie Mode Nicole Cohee
Center for Survey Research, Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy Jessica Marron Nicole Cohee