UMass Boston

Research Policies by Topic

Academic Affairs

Additional Compensation Note

Additional Compensation Policy

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Course Buyout Policy

Consulting Agreement Provisions

Faculty Consulting and Outside Activities

University Resources in Support of Entrepreneurial Activities

Animal Research

IACUC- Memorandum from Provost (Research with Laboratory Animals)


Drug-Free Workplace Act Annual Certification

Export Controls

Financial Conflict of Interest

Responsible Conduct of Research

Human Subjects Research

IRB- Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Plan

IRB- Investigator Manual

IRB- Memorandum from Provost (Research with Human Subjects)

Inventions, Patents & Copyright

Intellectual Property

University Resources in Support of Entrepreneurial Activities

ORSP Processes

Advance Accounts

Authorized Signature

Budgeting Salaries and Benefits

Consulting Agreement Provisions

Core Facilities

Cost Sharing

Cost Transfer Policy & Procedures

Effort Reporting

Equipment Fabrication

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Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rate Policy for grant and contract proposals to external sponsors

Facilities and Administrative Costs of Sponsored Programs

Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery Rates (on and off campus)

FFATA Policy

FFATA Procedure

Gift Card Request Process

Grants vs. Gifts

Participant Support Costs

Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator

Research Misconduct

Rebudgeting Policy & Procedures for Sponsored Programs

Roles and Responsibilities

Signatory Authority for Sponsored Programs

Small Business Development

Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Expenditures Guidance

Sponsored Student Payment & Policy Procedures

Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Subrecipient Monitoring Procedure

Summer Salary Supported by Sponsored Programs

Unallowable Costs

Unrelated Business Income Tax


Deficits Procedure Write-Offs on Sponsored Awards

Excess Cash Procedure Refunds & Residuals on Sponsored Awards