Marine and Coastal Ecological Research Class (Biol 306) students conducting research by the Nantucket research house.

Biology Department

  • A​ssistant Professor Luis De Leon just had an article published in the journal of Ecology entitled, "Tropical Fish Community does not Recover 45 Years After Predator Introduction." This article was a collaboration with Diana Sharpe and other scientists from the Smithsonian Institution in Panama. To read this article, click here.  
  • A​ssistant Professor Luis De Leon was awarded the National Secretariat for Technology and Innovation of Panama (SENACYT) grant along with several international colleagues totaling $118K. Luis and his colleagues will be conducting research funded by this grant over the next two years on electric fish. To learn more, click here. 
  • Associate Professor Alexey Veraksa was awarded a 5-year R01 grant from NIH totaling $1.6M for his lab's work to investigate ERK and Minibrain signaling! To learn more, click here. 

Spring 2017 Courses

  • Cancer Biology Bio 377 examines some of the molecular, cellular and genetic mechanisms that lead to cancer formation. Specific topics that will be covered include the regulation of signal transduction pathways; genomic instability and gene mutation; oncogenes; tumor suppressor genes, and cancer diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Medical Virology Bio 381 Sec.3 provides an understanding of basic concepts of virology, prions, origin and emergence of new viruses, viral pathogenesis, and disease mechanisms of eight families of important viruses that causes significant human diseases. Students will learn everything from how viruses cause disease, induced cancer, or congenital malformation as well as immune response to viral infectious diseases, viral diagnosis, and various approaches used to control viral diseases and treatment. To see the syllabus click here. 

Other News

  • Phillis Wheatley was mentioned in the New York Times. To read the article, click here. 
  • On May 26th, 2016 the Biology Department hosted the 2016 Graduate Convocation. To view photos from this event, click here.
  • PhD student Kristin Winchell had her article entitled, "Phenotypic Shifts in Urban Areas in the Tropical Lizard Anolis Cristatellus" published in Evolution International Journal of Organic Evolution. She was acknowledged in New Scientist for her research in Puerto Rico on the adaptability of city-dwelling lizards. To read the article, click here. She was also mentioned in the New York Times. To read the article, click here. 
  • In November of 2015, Emeritus Professor, Garrison Wilkes became a member of the Maize Genetic Resources Advisory Committee at the World Maize Gene Bank, CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) outside of Mexico City. To learn more about the CIMMYT, click here. 
  • The Biology Department recently received a $1 million anonymous gift, establishing the new Biology Graduate Student Research Endowment! This endowment will support stipends for graduate students, travel to conferences, and graduate research projects for years to come. Click here to read the Boston Globe's article about this gift.
Picture of student in the marsh at the Nantucket Field Station

Biology on Nantucket

Sign up for the Biology Department's summer courses on Nantucket: field research intro course BIO 100: Coastal Ecology and adaptation research course BIO 306: Marine and Coastal Ecological Research. Read More