Marine and Coastal Ecological Research Class (Biol 306) students conducting research by the Nantucket research house.

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The Unsung Heroes of Scientific Software. Klaus Schliep, a postdoctoral researcher who is studying evolutionary biology at UMass Boston, is featured in this article on Depsy, a free website launched in November that aims to “measure the value of software that powers science."

Tenzing Ingty, and three of his colleagues, just published "Framed Himalaya: Lachen Valley". This book tries to capture a glimpse of the threatened biodiversity of the valley, the kaleidoscopic array of cultural traditions, beliefs, and knowledge systems of the indigenous communities and the major threats to the region. To learn more, click here. 

Note to advanced undergraduate students (Junior and Seniors with all 200 level requirements fulfilled), 600 level graduate courses can be used to fulfill your 300 level advanced Biology requirements.  You should contact the instructors for any course that you might be interested in taking.

Spring 2016 Classes

Assistant Professor Nazy Gharaee-Kermani, will be teaching Biology 381 Sec. 8, Medical Virology. This course will cover the principles of virology, viral pathogenesis and diversity of viruses, disease mechanisms, control and therapeutic intervention. To learn more about this course, click here. To read the course syllabus, click here

Associate Professor Jennifer Bowen will be teaching Biology 697, Global Change in Biology. To learn more about this course, click here

Associate Professor Brian White will be teaching Biology 381 Sec.1, Simulation Biology. The mandatory co-requisite is Bio 382L Sec. 1. To learn more about the course, click here.

Professor David Sigmon will be teaching Biology 381 Sec.2, Human Physiology. This class is accompanied with Bio 382L sec.2. To learn more about the course, click here

Distinguished Professor Jill Macoska will be teaching Biology 381 Sec. 3, Cancer Biology. To learn more about the course, click here. 

Professor Manickam Sugumaran will be teaching Biology 381 sec. 4, Protein Chemistry. To learn more about the course, click here.

Assistant Professor Catherine McCusker will be teaching Biology 381 sec. 5, Stem Cell Regeneration. This is a highly interactive, literature-based course that broadly covers the topics of stem cell biology, organ regeneration, and regenerative medicine. To learn more about Professor McCusker click here.

Assistant Professor Jarett Byrnes, will be teaching Biology 381 Sec. 6, Intro Data Science. The mandatory co-requisite is Bio 382L Sec. 3. To learn more about the course, click here.

Associate Professor Robert Stevenson, will be teaching Biology 381 Sec. 7, Citizen Science. This course have give you the opportunity to be outside, improve your observation skills, to collect citizen science data, analyze citizen science data using R and to work with an environmental organization on a citizen science project. The mandatory co-requisite is Bio 382L Sec. 4. To learn more about this course, click here. To learn more about Professor Stevenson click here. 

Other News

To view the Sustainability Symposiums at UMass Boston from Earth Day 2015, Dimensions of Sustainability, click here. To view the Winter 2014 Sustainability Symposium, Biodiversity Conservation for the Anthropocene, click here. Watch for the fall 2015 coming attractions!   

The Biology Department recently received a $1 million anonymous gift, establishing the new Biology Graduate Student Research Endowment! This endowment will support stipends for graduate students, travel to conferences, and graduate research projects for years to come. Click here to read the Boston Globe's article about this gift.

Picture of student in the marsh at the Nantucket Field Station

Biology on Nantucket

Sign up for the Biology Department's summer courses on Nantucket: field research intro course BIO 100: Coastal Ecology and adaptation research course BIO 306: Marine and Coastal Ecological Research. Read More 

Dr. Kamal Bawa hosted the Honorable Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change from the Govt. of India, Mr. Prakash Javadekar in April, 2015

Dr. Bawa and Mr. Javadekar

Dr. Kamal Bawa and Kanchan Banerjee (from the Forum for Global Leadership of India) hosted a reception in honor of Mr. Prakash Javadekar, the Honorable Minister of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change from the Government of India on Thursday, April 16th 2015 in the Integrated Sciences Complex. Theresa Mortimer, Assistant Chancellor and Andrew Grosovsky, Dean of CSM gave welcome addresses. The Honorable Minister shared his remarks at the gathering. Dean Grosovsky offered closing remarks for the reception. Read More 

The Dalai Lama reading Professor Kamal Bawa's recent book, "Himalaya: Mountains of Life"

Dalai Lama reading HImalaya

Pictured here is the Dalai Lama reading leading conservation biologist Kamal Bawa and conservation photographer Sandesh Kadur's recent book, "Himalaya: Mountains of Life." The book focuses on the Eastern Himalaya, and weaves together perspectives on the region’s land, water, biodiversity and peoples into an extraordinarily rich and diverse tapestry of words and images. The book portrays the Eastern Himalayas as a melting pot of ancient cultures, languages, and religions. The research, writing, and publication of Himalaya: Mountains of Life was funded by ATREE with Felis Creations, Gorgas Science Foundation, and the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Gray Seal Pupping Cam

Picture of gray seals from gray seal pupping cam

Seal cam is the first live streaming video camera to observe seals at a pupping and breeding colony on the east coast. Read what former PhD student and current instructor Stephanie Wood is doing with the seal cam.

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