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This page is a guide to students apply for the STEM OPT extension benefit and will walk you through the ISSO I-20 request, the USCIS petition, assistance with the I-765 and the I-983 as well as information on fees and filing locations.  The information on this page should be read in its entirety, top to bottom, and thoroughly. This webpage should answer all of your questions regarding your submission.  The STEM OPT benefit is available to students in STEM eligible fields.  You should look on your I-20 at the code next to your major under Program of Study.

  1. STEM OPT Eligibility

  2. STEM OPT Considerations

  3. STEM OPT: When to Apply

  4. How to Request a STEM OPT I-20 from the ISSS

  5. USCIS Checklist

  6. Tips on forms I-765 and I-983

  7. STEM Reporting Requirements