UMass Boston

Testing Services


  • A photo ID is required to test (Student ID, driver’s license, passport, State ID). Check with your specific testing company for ID requirements. 
  • All students should have their eight–digit student ID number. If you do not, please inform the test administrator and one will be created for you.
  • The only materials allowed on the desktop while testing are scratch paper and a pen or pencil.
  • All scratch paper must be returned to the test administrator before leaving the room.
  • Cell phone, pagers or other electronic equipment must be turned OFF.
  • Portable stereos, radios, headphones, calculators, slide rulers, and other such items or aids are prohibited in the testing room.
  • Seating is limited and is first–come–first–served.
  • Children are not allowed in the testing rooms. Proper supervision of small children should be arranged prior to testing – there are no child care facilities at the Testing Center.
  • The math placement exam is approximately 120 minutes long. Please allow yourself enough time to take the test.
  • No talking is permitted inside the testing rooms during testing.