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CLEP stands for the College Level Examination Program. CLEP examinations are offered in over 34 subject areas and cover material generally taught in introductory college level courses.  Students take CLEP examinations to bypass classes that they have prior knowledge of. Each Institution determines which CLEP examinations and passing scores they will accept for credit. 

CLEP exams are computer based, and consist mainly of multiple choice questions. Scores are generated and printed at the completion of exams except for those with essays. You do not need to be a UMass Boston student to take the CLEP examination at our center because UMass Boston is an Open CLEP center.

Our Testing Center offers CLEP exams Monday - Thursday by appointment only. The total cost is $117.00 ($87.00 paid to the College Board, and $30.00 paid to the UMass Boston Testing Center)  (Effective July 1, 2023 the College Board fee will increase from $87.00 to $93.00)

Follow these steps to make arrangements to take a CLEP exam at UMass Boston.

  1. Purchase your CLEP exam through the College Board website.  Cost is $87.00, payable by credit or debit card.  After you have made your payment, you will receive your registration ticket.  Make note of your ticket number as you will need it to make your testing appointment.   
  2. To set up a proctored CLEP exam, please email with a request for dates and times that would work for you.  You will need to make your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time. You will receive a confirmation email verifying your testing date and time.
  3. Come to the appointment with your confirmation email, government issued photo ID and the $30.00 cash or check payment (payable to UMass Boston).

You Test scores are automatically printed at the end of the exam, except for exams with essays. Official test results are sent by CLEP to the school you select within approximately two weeks after testing.

Other notes:

  • We offer free CLEP services to active military and their spouses with proper identification.
  • ADA accommodations must be made directly with the Testing Center by phone or email in advance. Please provide original documentation from your current school on official letterhead.  Documentation must be dated within 12 months of your testing appointment.
  • CLEP study guides and reference materials are available at the College Board’s website.  Copies of the College Board's Official Study Guide for CLEP are available for review at the Testing Center.  It can also be downloaded from the College Board Website. 

How to get credit for your CLEP exam. 

  1. UMass Boston students must comply with our CLEP credit policy and submit a CLEP Permission form to the Office of the Registrar (see top of page).
  2. To view how many UMass Boston college credits you will receive based on your CLEP exam score, reference the CLEP equivalency chart (see top of page).  
  3. All other students should consult their school's transfer office or advising department to review their institution's CLEP policy

CLEP Credit and Degree Requirement Guidelines for UMass Boston students:

  • All current UMass Boston students must obtain prior approval through the Registrar's Office before taking CLEP exams for credit.  You will not receive CLEP credit for an exam that is equivalent to a course you have already completed. 
  • Students who have taken upper level courses in science and/or Math may not earn credit by CLEP exams for lower level (pre-requisite) courses.
  • A passing score on a Foreign Language CLEP exam will satisfy the Elementary Language Proficiency Requirement; however, degree credits are not awarded and students still need to complete the Distribution area of World Language/World Cultures.  
  • Credit awarded through CLEP is considered transfer credit, not "residence" credit.
  • Students must wait three months before repeating the same CLEP test in order to have the second CLEP score considered for credit.

Questions about the CLEP registration process?  Call or email the Testing Center at (617) 287-5522 or

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