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Academic Success Advising Program



The Academic Success Advising Program (ASAP) is an expansion of the services we offer for the students enrolled in our programs and partnership programs. ASAP is designed to serve our English Language (ELP), Direction for Student Potential (DSP), and Early College students. We are proud to offer advising and coaching to a widely diverse student population, which includes first generation, multilingual, and immigrant origin students. Our program promotes a comprehensive advising model focused on academic excellence, university literacy, community development, and overall student access and success. Guidance is offered through advising sessions, workshops, and collaborative discussions with our students. We situate reflection, learning, and teaching as iterative processes that both advisors and advisees engage in. In ASAP, we aspire to create learning and community environments that challenge deficit perspectives and instead focus on students’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds as vital assets in the learning process and enrichment of our campus community.