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English Language Program

The English Language Program at UMass Boston enrolls students from different parts of the world and offers courses from pre-intermediate to advanced level.

All of our courses are designed for those who wish to effectively improve their English skills for academic, professional, or personal reasons. Our program follows the standard University semester calendar: a 16-week program for the Fall and Spring semesters and an eight-week summer session with an additional week dedicated to orientation activities and proficiency assessments to ensure that students are placed at the appropriate class level. With the ongoing collaboration and expertise of our faculty, our students are carefully guided to meet their academic goals through informed pedagogical decisions.

Application Deadline for Spring 2024:
  • November 24th for new international students

  • January 12th for resident and transfer students 

Application Deadlines for Summer 2024:
  • March 29th for new international students
  • May 17th for resident and transfer students
Application Deadlines for Fall 2024:
  • July 5th for new international students
  • August 23rd for resident and transfer students

*For international students who will need to apply for an F1 visa: Make sure to check with the U.S. embassy in your country about availability of appointments.

Check all our programs and options and apply today! For more information, contact our Pre-Collegiate Program or check our FAQ page. 


  • A maximum 3-year (six semester) program with up to 19 instructional hours per week in addition to individual tutoring services and academic workshops, which are all included with the tuition fee
  • Carefully designed classes that address in integral fashion the four major linguistic skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • High-quality English instruction that helps students learn and perfect their language skills while preparing them to succeed in a university setting
  • Various proficiency levels that suit the ability of every student from beginner through advanced 
  • A research skills class that helps students prepare for the academic rigor of undergraduate courses
  • “Elective-like” courses (simulating general education college courses) that allow students to develop their English abilities in a variety of disciplines
  • A pathway to full-time undergraduate study at UMass Boston
  • Helpful and dedicated staff to assist with everything from immigration issues to preparing for an undergraduate workload
  • Tutors for each class to further help our students, not only with the understanding of academic topics and assignments, but also the exploration of on-campus resources as they prepare to become fulltime degree students
  • Field trips to sites of cultural and historical interest complement regular classes   

*** Please know we need to have applications closed 60 days before the start of the semester to:

  • Conduct your interview with our program staff.
  • Process your application.
  • Admit you into the university if accepted.
  • Start the immigration process (i.e. processing Form I-20).
  • Allow at least 45 days to complete immigration requirements: obtain an I-20, make an appointment with the embassy to request your F1 visa, and receive the visa.

Contact Us

Pathways and Multilingual Programs (English Language Program & Directions for Student Potential Program) - Office Hours:

  • Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

For questions about our programs, application process, application status, or any other inquiry, you can visit us during our office hours, email us, call us, or send your inquiry by filling out our Inquiry Form.

Location: Campus Center, 1st Floor, Room 1300
Phone: 617.287.5820
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