UMass Boston

English Language Program

ELP Application Process

To make sure that the path from application to taking classes goes as smoothly as possible, we have included a guide of all of the steps you will have to complete before starting classes.

We understand that this journey will not always be smooth, so if you have any questions during this process, please send us an email at! We're here to help!

Step 1: Complete your Application

Access and complete our program application at When you complete your application, you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that we have received it. Read more about Step 1: Complete your Application  »

Step 2: Complete your Writing Assessment

To give us a sense of your writing in English, you must complete your writing assessment before your interview. You will receive the link to the assessment in your confirmation email. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your interview with someone in our office.

Step 3: Meet with ELP Staff

In the confirmation email for completing your Writing Assessment, there will be a link to schedule an interview with someone in our program's office. We use this interview to get to know you and how you will best in our program. All interviews will be conducted on Microsoft Teams.

Step 4: Set Up your Student Account

If you pass your interview with one of our staff members, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter, which will explain the remaining steps. Please note that this acceptance is contingent on you completing the other required steps of your enrollment. In your acceptance letter, you will receive a link to activate your student email account. You need this account set up in order to complete the next steps.

Step 5: Pay your Orientation Fee

*Effective for Summer and Fall 2023 Enrollment* When you receive your acceptance letter and set up your student email account, you will be able to sign into all of the university systems. Using your username (everything before "@" in your student email) and password (same as student email), log into WISER and click the button that says "Finance and Financial Aid", "Student Financial Center", and "Account Summary". You will then be prompted to pay the non-refundable $40 USD Orientation Fee. For U.S. Resident Students: After you pay your Orientation Fee, you are all set! All that is left is for you to attend orientation and begin taking classes!

Step 6: Apply for your Form I-20 (For International Students Only)

When you receive your acceptance letter, we will connect you with the Office of Global Programs. You will get an email from this office, explaining the process for applying for and receiving your I-20. *Please note that our Office (Pathways and Multilingual Programs) does not process I-20s directly and will not be able to make any changes to your I-20 application or the document itself. Any questions regarding your I-20 should be sent either to the Office of Global Programs' department email or our advisor in that office, Richard Truong (

Step 7: Schedule and Pass your Visa Interview at your Local U.S. Embassy (For International Students Only)

After receiving your I-20, you must pay your I-901 (SEVIS) Fee and schedule your visa interview with the U.S. Embassy in your country. For tips on passing your interview, check out the helpful list compiled by the Office of Global Programs here. Read more about Step 7: Schedule and Pass your Visa Interview at your Local U.S. Embassy (For International Students Only)  »

Step 8: Make Housing Arrangements

Our program does not provide housing and on-campus housing is not available during standard semesters (Fall and Spring). UMass Boston does, however, have an Off-Campus Housing Office that will help you find a place that is close to campus, and in most cases, is accessible by public transportation. Check out their website here! Read more about Step 8: Make Housing Arrangements  »

Step 9: Book your Flight and Attend Orientation!

After all of these steps, this will probably be the easiest one! All that's left is for you to book your flight and make your way to Boston for the start of the semester!