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English Language Program

ELP Summer

Application Deadline for Summer 2024: 

  • March 29th for new international students
  • May 17th for transfer and resident students 

Our Intensive Summer English Program is designed for all students (residents and international students) who wish to improve their academic English language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our intensive courses, which range from the pre-intermediate to advanced levels, are carefully tailored to train students to not only learn and perfect their English skills, but also deal with the academic demands of undergraduate and graduate mainstream courses. In addition to the intensive courses, weekly field trips to sites of cultural and historical interest in Boston and its surrounding areas complement regular classes and serve as an immersion tool for our students to practice the language in real settings.

For more information on our summer program, contact our Pre-Collegiate English Program or check our FAQ page.

The Intensive Summer English Program at UMass Boston is offered during the summer months of May through July.

  • Estimated course time: 8 weeks
  • Number of hours per week: 19 hours a week (full-time) *part-time options available!
  • Class Size: 20 students max.  
  • Tutoring: all our courses offer tutoring services at no additional cost
Session Dates
  • May 28th - July 17th (The first day of classes will be dedicated to orientation activities for all new students.)

Tuition Prices

Instructional Hours  Summer Session (8 Weeks)
9 Hour Class $1,421
6 Hour Class $947.36
4 Hour Class $631.64
Full-Time Cost → Total Cost for 8 Weeks: $3,000 USD

Required Funds: $14,246 USD 

*In order to secure a student visa, the U.S. government requires that prospective international students show that they have sufficient funds to support the costs of living and studying in the country so students can focus entirely on their academic responsibilities while abroad. UMass Boston specifies that international students must demonstrate the amount of $14,246.

Note: This requirement does not apply to remote learning from outside of the U.S. 

**Funds are only required for international applicants. U.S. residents and citizens are exempt of this provision. 

For information related to housing options, please visit the links for Housing Resources below.