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Project Lifecycle Overview

The Project Management Lifecycle is used to describe a deliberate, structured, and methodical process for Project Management.  The Project Management Life Cycle has five phases: Request, Initiation, Planning, Execution & Control, and Closure.  This methodology contains the templates for the various project management activities undertaken to deliver successful projects.  Each project phase addresses a specific aspect of the process of managing a project from initiate through close.  Although these phases are described sequentially, in practice many of these phases may overlap or be applied concurrently during the lifetime of a project.   Listed below is an overview of the five phases.   Each phase will be described in greater detail in subsequent sections of this document.


  • Delivers a project request
  • Captures specific project information that will aid in project evaluation
  • Approves the project request to advance to the Initiation Phase (or defers the request
  • Completed and approved project requests constitute the Project Portfolio


  • Formalizes the existence of the project
  • Defines the preliminary project cost, scope, roles, and timeline
  • Approves the project to advance to the Planning Phase
  • Delivers a Project Charter


  • Defines the detailed project schedule, budget, resources, allocations, and timeline.
  • Provides the baseline to control and manage the project
  • Identifies the project risks
  • Approves the project to begin work
  • Delivers a detailed Project Plan.

Execution & Control

  • Creates and/or delivers the end product or service
  • Executes the tasks in the project plan (schedule)
  • Manages the project issues & risk
  • Relies on the plans from the Planning Phase to control the project.
  • Delivers regular updates to stakeholders detailing progress


  • Concludes all project tasks/activities
  • Administratively closes the project
  • Gathers and catalogs Lessons Learned
  • Turns the delivered product or service over to customer or a support group
  • Assesses project outcomes and team performance
  • Delivers a Project Closeout Report
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