UMass Boston

Mission and Vision

At MCNHS, teaching remains the central function and student learning the overriding goal. This goal will be achieved through valuing and supporting innovation in teaching and promoting faculty contributions to the dialogue on teaching and learning, research and science. MCNHS provides an environment that promotes engaged, active learning with the goal of preparing students to be leaders and thinkers in the world, who are committed to advancing equity and eliminating health disparities across populations.  

We achieve this by creating a world-class student-oriented educational experience reflecting the best characteristics and practices of a prestigious urban college while building on the broader university strengths that are UMass Boston. Among those strengths are undergraduate and graduate education, professional academic programs, community service, and public affairs activities. 

We integrate experiential and transdisciplinary learning opportunities into all programs and provide MCNHS students with an interprofessional education in nursing, exercise, health and wellness science, public policy and organizational practice designed to prepare them as the next generation of leaders in population health and equity.


Four Strategic Pillars


Five Strategic Goals


Six Legacy Values