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Shared Interest Groups

An OLLI Shared Interest Group (SIG) is a group of OLLI members who share a common interest and like to meet outside the normal OLLI class environment to discuss and enjoy this mutual interest. Each group is different depending on its focus, and all provide interesting lifelong learning opportunities as well as fun social experiences.

OLLI SIGs are independent and self-managed with members deciding when they will meet and planning how the group will function. Initially, members volunteer to be leaders or co-leaders, and leadership roles may rotate. Volunteers also handle administrative and communication details.

Most SIGs meet once a month although they may meet more or less often if members wish. The OLLI office provides meeting space at UMass although a group may decide to meet outside the UMass Boston campus.

OLLI currently has seven active Shared Interest Groups. Some have been meeting for many years, and others are recent startups. Some SIGs would welcome new members while others are not accepting new members at this time. With support from OLLI’s Curriculum Committee, new OLLI SIGs can be formed.

Learn more about each SIG:

To learn more about any of OLLI’s Shared Interest Groups, click the name of the SIG in the above list. This takes you to a page with further information including name or names of OLLI members who will be happy to tell you more about their group.

The OLLI office maintains member lists of all the SIGs. If you think you are interested in joining one of these groups or have ideas about starting a new group, contact the OLLI office by email at or phone 617.287.7312. Either information about future meetings will be sent to you or you will be contacted by a SIG leader.

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