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Prejudice and discrimination self-care and support

Self-Care: How to Remain Vigilant in Your Pursuit of Justice and Keep Your Spirit 
Being socially, politically aware and active is essential in the midst of racial trauma; ensuring emotional health is critical. 

Self-Care Strategies for Survival: Sustaining Oneself in Social Justice Movements by Lauren Lofton 

Responding to Anti-Asian Racism during the COVID-19 Outbreak 
This blog post highlights the experiences of racism towards Asians during COVID-19 and lists helpful coping strategies if you experience racism and ways to help those facing racism 

Responding to Discrimination Against Individuals with Disabilities and Medical Conditions During COVID-19 
This blog posts highlights the experiences of ableism - a term that describes discrimination against individuals with disabilities and medical conditions. Includes coping strategies if you are discriminated against and ways to help those experiencing discrimination 

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A Guide to Responding to Microaggressions

A Guide to Responding to Microaggressions 
The purposes of this article is: (1) to discuss how different types of microaggressions affect people’s lives, and (2) to provide a hands-on guide to strategies, approaches, and interventions to address microaggressions.   

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