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Pre-Medical Enrichment Programs

UMass Boston is fortunate to provide interested premedical students with enrichment opportunities. These experiences are conducted in collaboration with two renowned medical schools: Tufts University School of Medicine and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. To learn more about both programs look below. For more information on other enrichment opportunities please contact the premedical advisor or visit the Student Success Center. 

Tufts University School of Medicine - UMass Boston Pre-Medical Enrichment Program

Each January, approximately twenty-four of our pre-medical students spend three weeks at the Tufts University School of Medicine as part of an enrichment program designed to introduce future doctors and scholars to the kind of teamwork inherent in medical problem-solving. Students participate in seminars, gain valuable medical research experience, and build connections that will foster their development as graduate-level researchers and clinicians. 


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TUSM-UMass Boston Program website

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Here are some soundbites from past participants:

"It was clear that the medical students and faculty at Tufts dedicated themselves to giving us valuable insight into prospective careers. Personally, I already set my ambitions towards an MD by the time I entered the program, but my experience at Tufts had only strengthened and motivated me to achieve that goal." -Tareq K., 2014

"Everyone at Tufts was very helpful and they are amazing professionals.  This program opened my mind to possibilities within Biomedical research that I could not have imagined before.” – Carina R., 2013

Read Carina's op-ed on International Collaboration in Stem Cell Research.

"I was delighted to find that the student mentors know how to balance their academic and social lives, and the professors are engaging and extremely fun.  Also, the fact that you're exposed to so many different areas in medicine is comforting because you can find yourself at home in a certain specialty.” – Yuna F., 2013

Read Yuna's op-ed, "Traffic Jam," about HIV.


“This wasn't a typical shadowing experience!  They tried to involve us and we even got to interact with the patients as much as we wanted at the Sharewood Clinic, which is run by medical students and doctors. We were really allowed to experience what it was like to be a medical student.” – Kristina D., 2013

Read Kristina's op-ed, "The Promise of Personalized Medicine."

UMass Baccalaureate MD (BaccMD) Pathway Program

During the 2013 academic year four UMass Boston students were admitted into the first cohort of the UMass Baccalaureate MD (BaccMD) Pathway Program, which creates a pathway from the University of Massachusetts system’s undergraduate campuses to the School of Medicine in Worcester. Students who are from racial or ethnic groups underrepresented in medicine nationally and in Massachusetts, who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, or are First Generation College graduates are eligible to apply to become medical scholars their sophomore year. The BaccMD Program offers students to a broad range of academic and clinical immersion opportunities, including book clubs, academic and clinical immersion interactions with physicians and medical students, and observations at clinical sites at UMass Memorial Medical Center. Information on requirements, the application process, and the application link is on the UMass Medical website.