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We are not responsible for safety, security, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of employment. All hiring, scheduling, and compensation is handled directly between the applicant and the employer. The Academic and Career Engagement and Success Center does not perform background checks on students, companies, and/or contacts. Users assume the risk and responsibility to further screen employers. Therefore, job seekers are responsible for researching and investigating job leads for themselves. Any cases of misrepresentation, discrimination or harassment must be immediately reported to the Academic and Career Engagement and Success Center. By uploading your resume and any other document, you are consenting to the release of otherwise private information for review by potential employers who have registered with the Academic and Career Engagement and Success Center.

Causes for concern:

  • Job postings that state money would be deposited in advance for the student to “complete tasks and make purchases,” and frequently requested the student pay bills on the poster's behalf.  Typically a large sum is sent by check and the student is instructed to deposit the check into their account, keep a weekly fee for themselves (usually $300 or $400), and then withdraw and transfer the remaining amount through MoneyGram or Western Union. Many victims noted that the checks deposited would bounce and the student would lose money or access to their account.        
  • Job postings that request the student reply with an application to include name, full address, cell phone number, age, occupation, gender and banking information.
  • Initial emails from perpetrators often contained a mixture of standard type and text in all caps.
  • Something seems odd in the job posting or in your communication with the company.

Beware of job postings offering to send money and requesting a student receive money to purchase items or pay bills on another’s behalf.

Listen to your instincts if something doesn't seem quite right. Always research the company before submitting your resume or personal information. Report any causes for concern to the Academic and Career Engagement and Success Center at

Never send money or process money orders.