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"Previous experience desired."

If you're looking for that perfect position after graduation, no need to let those three words discourage you. Internships and co-ops provide practical and relevant work experience that you'll be proud to show on your résumé. Both internships and co-ops offer exposure to a variety of workplace settings, providing:

  • On-the-job experience that supplements skills learned in the classroom.
  • Opportunities to explore career possibilities.
  • A competitive edge as a job seeker.


  • Are usually part-time with flexible hours.
  • Can be paid or unpaid positions.
  • Typically last for one semester.
  • May sometimes take the place of coursework for that semester.
  • May earn academic credit (the credits will appear on your transcript and will be added to your tuition and fee charges). Contact the related academic department to discuss.
  • May or may not be directly related to your major or field of interest (but will probably need to be related if you're seeking credit).

Co-ops (co-operative education assignments):

  • Are full-time (30 hours/week or more) paid positions.
  • Directly relate to your field of study.
  • Last for six months to a year.
  • Offer substantive professional work experience.
  • Typically (but don't always) take the place of coursework for that semester.

Get Started

The Academic and Career Engagement and Success (ACES) Center recommends that students have a minimum of 30–45 degree credits (at least 12–15 earned at UMass Boston) before participating in an internship or co-op.

  • During the semester before you plan to do an internship, meet with your academic department and a career advisor in the ACES Center.
  • Call ACES at 617.287.5500 or email us at to make an appointment with a career specialist.
  • Come to your meeting prepared to discuss internships and co-ops with respect to your interests, skills, and availability.
  • Review internship and co-op opportunities posted in Handshake.
  • Prepare your résumé — find guidelines in our Résumé Handbook and resource materials in Handshake.
  • Your career advsior will review your résumé and work with you as you apply for appropriate assignments.
  • Follow up on internship or co-op referrals in a timely manner.
  • If you obtain a position, please notify ACES.

International students: Please make sure you are well prepared for your appointment with ACES. First visit the Office of Global Programs's website to understand your particular requirements.