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PACE Program

The Academic and Career Engagement and Success Center is excited to introduce the PACE program (Professional Apprenticeship Career Experience), a paid on-campus position where students develop industry-aligned skills connected to their career interests. Students are paired with a supervisor/mentor and typically work for multiple semesters building upon their skills through increasingly complex projects. Students earn one academic credit during their first semester through enrollment in the PACE Success Course.

Become a PACE Apprentice


The PACE (Professional Apprenticeship Career Experience) program prepares students with paid, professional on-campus work. Students are able to explore a career area and gain professional experience, while developing career-related skills transferrable to future off-campus opportunities. Students earn one-credit in their first semester as a PACE apprentice through enrollment in the PACE Success course.


If you are an undergraduate student at UMass Boston, consider applying to the PACE Program:

Examples of PACE apprenticeship experiences

Students have worked in:

  • Administration & Finance
  • Graphic Design
  • eLearning
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Information Technology
  • Peer Advising
  • Research
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Social Justice
  • Website Analytics

PACE Success Course

Students earn one-credit, during their first semester as a PACE apprentice, through enrollment in the PACE Success course (INTR-D 291). This virtual course is held over eight weeks with four face-to-face virtual meetings. Enrollment is by instructor approval.

Weekly topics and assignments include:

  • Setting Expectations
  • Assessing Career-Readiness
  • Understanding Skills & Competencies
  • Using Handshake
  • Evaluating Workplace Cultures
  • Promoting Skills
  • Making Professional Contacts
  • Determining Goals

Become a PACE Supervisor

PACE Program

The PACE (Professional Apprenticeship Career Experience) program is an innovative on-campus employment program designed to provide meaningful, career-oriented experiences for undergraduate students. Students learn professional skills through day-to-day responsibilities and projects over multiple semesters, while receiving training and mentoring from their faculty or staff supervisor. Students earn one-credit in their first semester as a PACE apprentice through enrollment in the PACE Success course (INTR-D 291).

The PACE Program Prepares Students for Career Success

Supported through a generous donation from the Ralph and Janice James Family Foundation, the PACE program assists UMass Boston departments with subsidizing the cost of student wages.


PACE Supervisors provide mentorship, as well as supervision, and are key to the success of the PACE program. Supervisors/Mentors train, guide and coach student apprentices’ through their daily work and projects, directly impacting students’ learning, development and career direction.

PACE Advantages

Staff and Faculty members, who supervise PACE apprentices benefit in multiple ways:

  • Gain hands-on support with projects, research and other departmental efforts
  • Develop personal, professional development through supervision/mentoring
  • Contribute to the bigger picture providing students a career-ready start to their future
  • Become part of a community with potential for cross collaboration

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