Faculty & Staff

Shirley Tang, PhD

Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development


photo of Shirley Tang

Areas of Expertise

Comparative Race, Ethnicity, and Culture; Southeast Asian American Community Studies; Ethnography; Transnational Feminism; Popular Culture


PhD, SUNY Buffalo

Additional Information

Research and Teaching Interests:

Having led public health community-centered research and young women organizing projects in immigrant/refugee communities in Massachusetts, Professor Tang is currently focusing on research and writing about race, (im)migration and development. Her research and teaching interests include: comparative urban cultural history; Southeast Asian American community studies; social consequences of war; and creative expressions at local and transnational levels.

Professor Tang is also affiliated with the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development.

Work in Progress:

She is working on a book manuscript that examines the development and displacement of the Khmer (Cambodian) American community in Revere, Massachusetts.

Courses Taught:  

AMST 605, Ethnicity, race, and nationality
AmSt G100 U.S. Culture and Society
AmSt 100 American Identities 
AmSt/AfrSty 350 Race, Class, Gender: Issues of Diversity
AmSt/WoSt 376 Women of Color
AmSt 405 The Immigrant Experience
AsAmSt 220 Media, Culture, and the Chinese Diaspora (formerly “Chinese Pop Culture”)
AsAmSt 225 Southeast Asians in America
AsAmSt 370 Asian American Media Literacy
AsAmSt 397/398 Applied Research in Asian American Studies I, II