Undergraduate Studies


The Department of Undergraduate Studies oversees the general education program, including the Writing Proficiency Requirement.   We are here to provide you with information and guidance about general education curriculum and assessment, academic policy concerns, and waivers of certain academic requirements and deadlines.

The UMass Boston faculty wants you to gain important knowledge, capabilities and attitudes through undergraduate coursework that gives you a foundation for lifelong learning.  The general education program is structured to give you opportunities to:

  • engage in critical reading and analysis
  • understand and respect human diversity
  • explore the principal approaches to knowledge
  • learn in depth
  • develop effective speaking, listening and writing skills
  • reason logically and quantitatively
  • work independently and collaboratively

I encourage you to use the general education program as an opportunity to explore new fields, try new experiences, and have some fun.  In my freshman year, as an undergraduate math major, I took an Anthropology course as part of my general education.   I was fascinated by what I had learned and so interested in exploring more about this field that I added Anthropology as a second major.  General education opens up many new opportunities, and I hope you approach these opportunities with enthusiasm and interest.

Please explore the links on the left to find answers and information. Come by our offices on the 1st floor of the Campus Center for more information.

Karen Ricciardi

Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor, School for the Environment

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