Quantitative Reasoning

A solid ability in quantitative reasoning is vital to functioning in our data-drenched society. At UMass Boston, students are expected to to learn the ability to reason quantitatively and to use formal systems to solve problems of quantitative relationships involving numbers, symbols, patterns, data, and graphs. Through the quantitative reasoning requirement in our general education program, students will improve their capacity to:

  • pose problems that involve quantitative relationships in real-world data by means of numerical, symbolic, and visual representations;
  • solve problems, deduce consequences, formulate alternatives, and make predictions;
  • apply appropriate technologies; and
  • communicate and critique quantitative arguments orally and in writing.

How you meet the quantitative reasoning requirement depends on your college and degree program.

Students pursuing a BA degree:

  • You are strongly encouraged to take Math 114QR, Quantitative Reasoning, a course that is specifically designed to show students the relevance of mathematics to their lives.  It assumes a low level of mathematics background and confidence.  
  • Another option is to take or transfer in Math 115, College Algebra.  This is a good choice if you intend to take PreCalculus or Calculus.
  • You may also take or transfer in a Statistics course.  If you place into and pass (or transfer in) one of the following statistics courses you will be waived from the quantitative reasoning requirement and you will receive math distribution credit.
    • Math 125
    • Sociology 350
    • Psychology 270
    • Economics 205
    • EEOS 261
  • Students may also meet the Quantitative Reasoning requirement by placing into Pre-Calculus or higher (placement alone demonstrates proficiency) or by showing proficiency through Advanced Placement or CLEP testing. 

Students pursuing a BS degree:

  • Students in CLA and CSM must complete Calculus (Math 135, Math 140 or Math 145, or the equivalent transfer course) to meet the Quantitative Reasoning requirement. Students pursing a BS are strongly encouraged to enroll in appropriate math courses continuously until their math requirement is satisfied for their major.
  • Students in CM must complete Math 134 (or the equivalent transfer course).
  • Students in CNHS must complete Statistics (EHS students are required to take EHS 280, Statistics for Health Professionals).