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SAGE Campus Courses

SAGE Campus is a digital library product that supports self-learning of research skills and methods. It consists of 37 different courses consisting of 280+ hours of structured online learning, with a mix of quality content, videos, interactives, and informative assessments. The flexible learning pathways of SAGE Campus cover tricky skills and research methods that can be applied across all stages of academic study, from students looking to critically assess information to researchers looking to report and publish their data.


Self-paced Learning Session with CSC

The Center for Statistical Computing (CSC) and IT have set up PCs in the Graduate Research Lab (the GRC lab is located on the 5th floor of Healey library, room number 026) with a fully installed software environment (Python and R) for learning and practicing SAGE campus courses. In addition, CSC staff are available in the scheduled time slots to help for in-person self-learning SAGE Campus courses throughout the semester. We also provide help and support when you face related questions during your SAGE Campus courses learning. Please register your attendance in advance, or send an email if you would like to meet outside of these time slots.


How to Register SAGE Campus Lab Sessions?

You can register via our online booking system (click here). You can also email our CSC staff to check Lab's availability and register your sessions in advance. There is no maximum time limit for your session, you can stay as long as you want during Lab time.



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