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Room Furniture Details


We are excited for you to make your room your home away from home! The below information includes measurements to help you plan for decorations and storage. 

All students will have a bed, desk and chair, closet and set of dresser drawers.

Bed Size

  • All beds are Twin XL (please be sure to purchase Twin XL sheets for your bed).
  • Bed height can be adjusted. Beds are also able to be bunked if desired (as available). Please submit a maintenance work order to have your bed adjusted after move in.
  • At highest setting, the bed is 40.9 inches from the floor.
  • The mattress is 8 1/2 inches thick.
  • Storage space under bed when at highest setting:
    • Width - 37.50 inches
    • Length - 81.50 inches
    • Height - 30.50 inches

Desk and Chair

  • Each student will have a desk and desk chair in their room. 
  • Desk measurements:
    • Width - 23.75 inches
    • Length - 39.50 inches
    • Height (space under desk) - 23 inches
  • Desk Chair measurements:
    • From seat to floor - 19 inches
  • Please note: Students are not permitted to bring their own desk chairs or gaming chairs as external furniture is not permitted in the building.


  • Closets are available in the rooms.
  • The closets do not have doors. Residents are welcome to purchase tension rods and a curtain to add your own personal touch to the space. 
    • Width - 23.75 inches
    • Length - 31.50 inches
    • Height - 89.50 inches
    • Distance from top of closet to wire shelf - 24 inches

 Dresser Drawers

  • Students will each either have a three-drawer dresser or 2 two-drawer dressers per person for storage in their room
  • Dressers can be stacked
    • Width - 23.75 inches
    • Length - 28.50 inches
    • Height - 28.94 inches


  • All rooms have windows with blinds.
  • Window measurements for all rooms:
    • Length - 25.5 inches
    • Height - 85.5 inches
  • In the Quad rooms, there is also a corner window that has slightly different measurements:
    • Length - 69.875 inches
    • Height - 83.375 inches
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