UMass Boston

What to Bring

We are excited to welcome you as a resident at UMass Boston! The below sections contain information about items to consider bringing and items that are not permitted.

If there is something not listed, please feel free to email with specific questions. Considering purchasing something specific? Send us a link so we can review and let you know if it will be allowed.

What is provided in the room?

Each resident living on campus will have the following provided:

  • Desk and chair
  • Three-drawer dresser (quads have two-drawer dressers per person)
  • Twin XL bed (frame and mattress)
  • Wi-Fi access, streaming service, and internet ports
  • Window blinds

What should I not bring?

This list is not all encompassing, please feel free to email with specific questions.

You may be asked to remove these items if found in your room. Damages resulting from the below items will be assessed and posted to your housing account:

  • Air conditioner
  • Appliances - nothing with exposed heating elements (see Permitted Appliances section for items allowed)
  • Candles (with or without the wick), wax melter, incense, or any type of flame-making device; kerosene; propane; butane; lighter fluid; or space heaters
  • LED adhesive strip lights
  • Speaker systems and subwoofers that may be disruptive to others in the community.
  • Command Strips, tape for decorations, poster glue, etc.
  • Darts
  • No outside furniture and/or upholstered furniture. 
  • Cannabis, illegal drugs and/or paraphernalia - this is regardless of the age of the student
  • Alcohol and related paraphernalia (including items for decoration) - this is regardless of the age of the student
  • Multi-outlet plugs or extension cords (use surge protectors)
  • Oil, halogen, or lava lamps
  • Pets (except fish in tanks under 10 gallons). This includes any visiting pets.
  • Shower head, bidet (no alterations to any plumbing items within the building are permitted).
  • Waterbeds
  • Weapons (of any type)

What appliances are permitted?

The following appliances are permitted in the residence halls:

  • Keurig
  • Electronic kettle
  • Air fryer
  • Rice cooker
  • Crockpot/Slow cooker
  • Microwave (no greater than 700 watts)
  • Mini-fridge (no larger than 3.1 cubic feet)
    • Double occupancy rooms are permitted 1
    • Triple and Quad rooms are permitted up to 2
  • Televisions (wall mounting not permitted)

UMass Boston does partner with MicroFridge for rental and purchase. You can order your Microfridge by entering University of Massachusetts Boston in the search field on their website.

It is strongly recommended that each room have a mini-fridge and microwave.  Be sure to coordinate with your roommate as to who will bring the mini-fridge and microwave. 

Suggested bedroom items

To help make your home away from home comfortable, please consider the following items to bring with you:

  • Alarm clock
  • Clothes hangers
  • Desk lamp
  • Desk organizer and supplies
  • Twin extra-long sheets/comforters/blankets
  • Garbage can and bags, recycling bin
  • Pillows/pillow cases
  • Personal fan
  • Personal Iron (if possible, with automatic shut off)
  • Power Strips/Surge Protectors (not extension cords)
  • Storage bins/footlocker
  • Charging cables

Suggested bathroom related items

You may be assigned to a room either with an in-room bathroom or you may use a community bathroom. The below list are suggested items for you to use while a resident at UMass Boston.

  • Garbage can and bags (only for those with in-room bathroom; these are provided in the community bathrooms)
  • Over the door hook
  • Rug/bathmat (only for those with in-room bathroom)
  • Shower curtain, plastic liner curtain and hook  (only for those with in-room bathroom; these are provided in the community bathrooms)
  • Shower organizer
  • Soap dish and toothbrush holder
  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Shower shoes (if desired)

Suggested health related items

Managing your health is an important step to being successful. Below is a list of suggested items to bring with you:

  • Antibacterial bar or pump soap and paper towels
  • Cloth face coverings/masks (at least two)
  • Cough medicine
  • Fever reducing medication (Acetaminophen and/or Ibuprofen)
  • Hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content)
  • Insurance card and COVID-19 vaccination card
  • Kleenex
  • List of allergies and current medication
  • Prescription medication(s)
  • Primary care health care provider contact information
  • Thermometer for personal use
  • Throat lozenges/cough drops

Suggested cleaning supplies

Residents are required to clean their living area. This will not only help provide a clean environment to live, but will also help to keep those in the room healthy.

The following items are suggested to have (and use) in the room:

  • All-purpose, tub, tile, glass, and toilet cleaner (only for those with in-room bathroom)
  • Broom, dustpan and/or mop
  • Other cleaning supplies as wanted

Suggested miscellaneous items

  • Laundry detergent (h/e preferred), laundry bag or basket
  • Re-usable water bottle (water filling stations are located on the ground floor of each building)
  • Umbrella
  • Weather appropriate items
  • Plastic and or metal storage items
  • Thumbtacks or push pins to put decorations up

Items to note

  • Each room has a limited level of electricity available for all items in the room. Please keep this in mind as overloading the outlets will cause power outages.
  • Please do not use Drano as it damages the pipes in the building.
  • Flushable Wipes should not be flushed as they clog the plumbing.
  • When hanging items, please note that students should not use nails, staples or adhesives (including but not limited to command strips, tape, poster glue etc.). Thumbtacks or push pins are the only approved way to hang items in your residence hall room.