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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Instructions

Students must have documented extenuating personal or medical circumstances in order to appeal their SAP status. Appeal decisions are final, and you will be reviewed at the end of every term until you meet SAP standards. All documentation submitted is confidential. Deadlines to submit an appeal are listed below.


The deadlines to submit the SAP appeal are:

Fall Semester - October 1

Spring Semester - April 1

Summer Semester - July 1

Appeals will not be accepted after these deadlines. Students who have experienced an extenuating circumstance are encouraged to submit their appeal as soon as possible. 

Personal Statement & Documentation

You must have documented extenuating personal or medical circumstances in order to appeal your SAP status. See below for examples of extenuating circumstances and required documentation. All documentation submitted is confidential.

The outcome of your appeal will depend on the described circumstances, the quality of the documentation you provide, and how well you have addressed your ability to progress towards degree completion within a reasonable time frame.

You must write a personal statement/appeal letter that addresses the following:

  1. The reasons/circumstances why you are not meeting SAP standards. Be as specific as possible. Explain all F’s, Withdrawals, and Incompletes (provide a copy of your incomplete contract as part of your supporting documentation).
  2. How have your circumstances changed that will allow you to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Outline the specific steps you are taking to get back on track.
  3. Attach supporting documentation, if applicable
  4. Submit your personal statement and supporting documentation online by clicking on the SAP Appeal requirement in your WISER to-do list.
Reason/Circumstances Examples of Supporting Documentation
Student's own mental or physical illness, injury, or disability

Letter from healthcare provider

Dates of hospital stays

Discharge paperwork

Death of a family member or significant person in your life (list your relationship to the deceased)

Death certificate


Memorial/funeral service pamphlet

Divorce/Separation of parents or student

Divorce decree

Separation paperwork

Letter from attorney

Any other official court documents

Family financial hardships Letter from employer
Serious illness or injury of a family member Letter from family member's healthcare provider or social worker stating the need for student to be a caregiver
Legal obligations/circumstances

Copy of police reports

Copy of court documents

Victim of assault or domestic violence

Copy of police reports

Copy of restraining order(s)

Letter from a social worker or other professional familiar with the case

Other personal circumstances Provide supporting documentation

Academic Plan

Check your WISER to-do list to see if you need to complete an academic plan. If this requirement is listed, you (the student) must initiate the academic plan. You must make a SAP appointment with your professional academic advisor to complete this plan. You may not complete this plan with a faculty advisor.

The academic plan is a contract between you (the student) and the University of Massachusetts Boston. You are required to follow this contract in order to be considered for federal, state, and institutional financial aid at UMass Boston. A revised academic plan is required for any course changes agreed upon by you and your academic advisor.

You are considered to be meeting the terms of the academic plan if you:

  • Adhere to the maximum number of credits
  • You are enrolled in the courses listed on the plan

Student Instructions on completing the academic plan

  1. Enter your name and email address.
  2. Enter your advisor's name and email address
  3. Complete your section of the academic plan, follow the prompts through DocuSign. You will not be able to enter any information in the advisor section.
  4. E-sign your plan.
  5. Click “Finish”.
  6. Once your advisor has completed their section, you will receive an email with a copy of the completed plan. Upload your academic plan online by clicking on the SAP Appeal requirement in your WISER to-do list.

Advisor Instructions on completing the academic plan

  1. You will receive an email with a DocuSign request.
  2. Follow the prompts to complete the advisor section, including max number of credits, and courses the students will take.
  3. E-sign the plan.
  4. Click “Finish”.

Student Instructions for updating an academic plan

  1. You (the student) will fill out the student information section on the SAP Academic Plan Revision Form.
  2. Enter your name and email address.
  3. Enter your advisor’s name and email address.
  4. Follow the prompts to e-sign the form.
  5. Click “Finish”.
  6. Email to unlock your appeal and submit your revised academic plan.

Advisor Instructions for updating an academic plan

  1. You will receive an email with a DocuSign request.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter the max number of credits.
  3. If you approve of the student’s changes, e-sign the form.
  4. Click “Finish”.
  5. Financial Aid Services will receive an automatic email with a copy of the revised academic plan. No further action is needed.

Schedule SAP Advising at the Links Below:

Student Success Scholars Program

Student Success Scholars Program, CC-1-1100

College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Declared Majors

CLA First! Students

CLA Advising

CLA First! W-4-125, 617-287-5721

College of Science & Math (CSM) Declared Majors

CSM Student Success Center, W-4-151

College of Management (CM) majors with 60 or more credits or who have joined LEAD, TRAIL, or 3YD

CM Undergrad Program Office, M-5-610

School for the Environment (SFE) Majors

School for the Environment, M-02-620

College of Education & Human Development (CEHD) Majors

CEHD Student Success Office, W-1-50

College of Nursing & Health Sciences (CNHS) Majors

CNHS Advising, Quinn-02-0093

Undeclared Majors

College of Management Majors with less than 60 credits

Inter-College Transfers

Academic & Career Engagement and Success Center (ACES), CC-1-1100

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