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Get IT / Technology Loaner Program FAQ

The following FAQ will provide answers to many of your questions about IT and the Technology Loaner Program. 
You can also get in touch with our Get IT team directly.  Email us at:
Need something we don't have?  Please let us know, using our MS Forms inventory survey.

What are the Steps Involved in the Technology Loaner Program?    

Here is an overview of the whole process, from login to Get IT to picking up your new computer. 

·        Step 1: Login and select your preferred computer and accessories.  

·        Step 2: Enter your supervisor’s email, and the location you will use the loaner equipment.  

·        Step 3: Submit, and you will get a property pass emailed to you via DocuSign.  Click the “Review Document” button in the email and fill out the forms.

·        Step 4: Next, your supervisor will get the property pass and will also need to sign it for approval.  

·        Step 5: Now that your Technology Loan has been approved, you will be contacted by IT Desktop via email, to correspond and schedule a pickup.  

·        Step 6: Go to the ISC Roundabout (between Quinn and ISC) at your scheduled Pickup time to receive your Loaner Technology through a zero-contact curbside pickup.  Bring your Driver’s License or UMass Boston ID!  

·        Bonus: When you are ready to return your equipment, come back to Get It and log in again, to start the process of a return.  


Who is eligible for a Technology Loaner Program computer?

For the first two weeks of the program (through August 31st, 2020), a list of priority staff and faculty will be curated by university administration.  Thereafter, all active staff and faculty will be able to log in and select equipment for reservation.  Please note that supervisor approval is needed, as part of the request process.  Communicate with your supervisor if you need a computer through the Technology Loaner Program, prior to making a reservation.


How are Approvals made?
All requests are first-come-first-serve.  If you and your supervisor agree that you need a Technology Loaner Program computer, you can manage the approval process on your own through Get IT.  The IT department will be involved to oversee the process and check that approvals were properly handled.  If you cancel a request or reservation, please understand that the equipment may be claimed by another member of the staff / faculty community.


What is the pickup process for the Technology Loaner Program?

IT and UMass Boston groups devoted to health and safety have developed a safe and simple curbside pickup plan.  Here’s how it will work:

•        Curbside service location will be the roundabout driveway between ISC and Quinn.

•        Pickups will be scheduled in 15-minute increments Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM from now until September 4th. The patrons will be provided a contact number to call when they arrive.

•        IT staff (wearing personal protective equipment) will be stationed in the ISC lobby with approved loaner equipment for the scheduled time.

•        Patrons will park in the roundabout and they will call the IT staff member on duty.

•        The on-duty tech will bring the equipment out to the patron’s vehicle. The patron must present their driver’s license for identity verification. If they do not have one, then a UMass Boston ID card can be used in place. In case of bad weather, pick up service will be rescheduled.

•        Patrons will be asked to open the box & go through the check list to make sure the device and accessories included before taking it away. The patron will then load it into their vehicle and the IT staff member will return to the ISC with the cart.


What is the right computer for me? 

Our most standard and versatile computers are Dell Latitude Laptops (5510, 5410 and 5400 models).  These will be portable and easy to use with most UMass Boston business and academic software, and powerful enough to get the job done.  For more processor intensive activities, the workstation class MacBook Pro and Dell Precision 3630 tower may be preferred.  Mac users seeking a light-weight option may want to choose the MacBook Air.  If you need more help with your selection, reach out to us on IT Live Chat Support, and we can walk you through some options. 


What hardware will my Loaner Computer come with?

We are striving to make each Technology Loaner computer fully functional for at home use, out of the box.  Desktop PCs will be loaned to you along with plug-and-play USB Wifi cards, mice and keyboard, and all needed cables.  Laptops will include chargers and any needed adapters for conventional use (i.e. USB adapters for Mac Laptops).


What software will my Loaner Computer come with?

Technology Loaner Program computers are managed by the IT Desktop team and will be set up like your office PC or Mac in terms of software provided.  This will include the latest Windows or Mac OS, Office 365, Sophos antivirus and KACE endpoint management.


How do I keep my Loaner Computer Information-Secure? 

All our loaners are provisioned with anti-virus software (Sophos) and endpoint management (KACE for PC, JAMF for Mac), as well as Computerace, FileVault and BitLocker.  The OS on your loaner is provided in a secure state, while still allowing you to administer the machine.  For more tips on Cyber Security during Work from Home, please visit this link for UMass Boston IT’s tips and information


How Long can I keep my Loaner? 

Technology Loaner Program computers and accessories are intended to be returned when campus closure ends.  You can initiate a return at any time, by logging into Get It.


What Are the Policies and Responsibilities Involved in Receiving a Loaner Computer?

It is your responsibility to report any loss or damage of Technology Loaner Program equipment promptly.  Please visit the Property & Inventory Control page for comprehensive policies related to using UMass Boston property off campus, and further directions in the case of loss or damage.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Loaner?

To some degree, that depends on how quickly you and your supervisor fill out the forms.  Once we have an approved loan, IT will work as quickly as possible to prep your loaner computer and schedule your pickup. 


How do I Return my Loaner Device? 

Once your loan has been picked up, you can start the Return process at any time from the Get IT system.  This will produce an updated property pass and notify IT to work with you on a drop-off. 


How do I cancel my Loaner Request? 

Log into the Get IT portal and select Cancel on your pending loan.  This will indicate to IT that you no longer want to proceed with the loan and update our inventory. 


What if I have Trouble with my Loaner? 

Just like you would with your office computer, you can contact IT at any time, and we can help you with remote tools and other efforts.  Find all the ways of getting help here: 

Information Technology Services
Healey Library, 3rd Floor