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iClicker Software Update and New Features

iClicker Classic is Upgrading to iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud will be replacing iClicker Classic as the single-supported iClicker instructor software for classes starting in January 2024

Software Update 

iClicker Cloud version 5.3.1 (released in December 2022) is now the required minimum version of the Cloud software. The latest version of iClicker Cloud is 5.5.0; this version includes new features (see below) and can be downloaded from the iClicker Download page

New Features

iClicker Cloud v 5.5.0 includes the following new features:

  • Manage and facilitate group exercises – including leading groups through consensus building so that all members are heard promoting collaboration in the classroom
  • iClicker Quizzing now offers a new option with additional question types, question randomization, and answer keys with feedback.

Feature Highlight

o    This optional setting for questions encourages students to reflect on their learning and provides instructors with additional real-time insight into student understanding. 

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Classroom Polling (iClicker)

What is Classroom Polling?

Classroom polling can increase student engagement by allowing students to participate in polls and answer questions about the course material during class. It can be used to facilitate more meaningful and interactive learning experiences, by allowing instructors to;

  • Gauge prior student knowledge, before covering new material.
  • Provide student self assessment opportunities.
  • Encourage student discussion: Using iClicker for Group Work.

What is iClicker Cloud?

iClicker Cloud is an audience response system that is used to provide instant feedback to students. Instructors pose meaningful questions to students in class and students respond to questions with mobile devices or physical remotes. iClicker Cloud supports a number of different Polling Question Types. Polling scores can easily be integrated into the Blackboard grade center to allow students credit for class participation and/or performance.

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iClicker Cloud Requirements:

Instructors need:

Students need:

*Note that students using iClicker remotes must also create iClicker accounts but do not need to purchase iClicker subscriptions. Students using iClicker remotes must add their Clicker remote IDs to their account profiles.

iClicker Cloud Setup for Instructors

iClicker Cloud Setup for Students

All students need to create iClicker accounts, and connect them to their Blackboard accounts to use the attendance and polling features. The following resource can be provided to your students to facilitate this process:

Some solutions to common student issues:

Using the iClicker Attendance Only Feature in the Classroom

iClicker's attendance feature uses geolocation technology to detect whether your students are in class. iClicker attendance is free when instructors set up attendance-only iClicker classes.

Using iClicker Cloud for Remote Instruction

  • View the Quickstart Guide: How to use Clicker for Remote Instruction. Be sure to use the following instructions to "add grades from iClicker Cloud to your main gradebook" (Blackboard) from "Step 4" of the Checklist: iClicker Roster Grade Sync.
  • View Creating Assignments in iClicker Cloud. The iClicker assignments feature allows you to create a low stakes quiz from a PowerPoint presentation. The assignments activity type is a flexible, low stakes student engagement solution that can be used for asynchronous learning. Assignments are also great for pre-class, post-class, breakout, or lab activities in synchronous classes.

Getting Help 

  • Faculty with questions about classroom polling can contact us at
  • Students that need help with iClicker can contact iClicker Support.
  • Faculty that need technical assistance in the classroom can contact the AV Office.