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Book a Consult: Chat Tool Demo

Pronto provides synchronous text chat and threaded discussion features, which allow faculty and students a higher level of engagement with course content. This communication tool can be used within the browser or via a mobile app. Pronto also easily integrates with Blackboard and extends the communication capabilities in the course.

How to use Pronto Chat

Promote Engagement with Pronto Chat

 Here are some tips for using Pronto:

  • Encourage students to post questions using the Pronto Chat tool. Check the chat often to identify student questions and areas of interest or confusion.
  • If you find this difficult ask a student (or two) to take on special roles as “chat monitors” to keep track of questions or chats that you may miss while presenting.
  • Use chat to engage students in discussion. Pause often during a lecture to ask a question and invite students to answer or comment – have these planned into your lecture!