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VoiceThread is an interactive multimedia tool that lets instructors and students add voice to their presentations and online communication. VoiceThread is available in all Blackboard courses and is free to use for UMass Boston faculty and students. VoiceThread can also be accessed directly at with UMass Boston credentials. 

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Visit the resources below to learn some easy ways to make your course more interactive with VoiceThread:

VoiceThread Assignments / Projects

Put VoiceThread in the hands of your students by assigning them projects using the Assignment Builder feature. You can have students create their own VoiceThreads, comment on a VoiceThread you created, or watch a VoiceThread you created. For each VoiceThread assignment you create, a column is automatically added to your course’s Grade Center.

Paper Reviews and More!

VoiceThread can be a great way to give feedback on your students’ papers using the voice and video commenting features. In this way, VoiceThread can simulate a face-to-face workshop environment.

The steps to set up a paper review VoiceThread are as follows:

  • Instructor: Set up a VoiceThread link in Blackboard.
  • Student: Upload your paper as a PDF.
  • Instructor: Review the student’s paper using voice or video commenting.

To learn about additional creative ways to use VoiceThread, please refer to the VoiceThread blog.

Ensuring Accessibility of all VoiceThreads

There are two ways to ensure that VoiceThread is accessible to all students.

For more information on accessibility, visit the Accessibility at UMass Boston web page.


Visit the VoiceThread Official Help Site for more how-to guides or contact Learning Design Services for help.

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