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Lecture Capture (Echo 360)

UMass Boston faculty have access to the Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) for recording lectures in the classroom and at home. Echo360 ALP is a cloud-based service which supports the creation and streaming of lectures, with other features to facilitate learning. Students are able to take notes and ask questions about recorded lectures, as well as bookmark particular parts of slides or lectures to save for later.

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There are two options for recording with Echo360:

  1. Use a classroom equipped with Echo360 Classroom Capture (C-Cap) or,
  2. Install Echo360 Universal Capture (U-Cap) on a personal computer.

Classroom Capture (C-Cap)

If you are teaching in an Echo360 equipped classroom your lectures can be automatically scheduled and recorded. There are a number of classrooms on campus already equipped with Echo360 Classroom Capture.

Universal Capture (U-Cap)

U-Cap allows you to make a recording at your leisure, on a personal computer or laptop. It allows you the same functionality as C-Cap. The main difference is that you can create the recording whenever you would like. To use U-Cap you will need to request it by emailing

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Visit the Echo 360 ALP page for more resources and how-to guides. For help with your account, email or

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