UMass Boston

Gerontology Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

  • Jaqueline Contrera Avila, Assistant Professor, Department of Gerontology
    Expertise: Social determinants of older adult health, tobacco-related disparities among older adults, cross-national comparisons of health and aging
  • Ellen Birchander, Graduate Program Director and Senior Lecturer, Department of Gerontology
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    Expertise: Health and physical aspects of aging, social aspects of aging, psychology of aging
  • Jeffrey Burr, Professor, Department of Gerontology
    Tel: 617.287.7318
    Expertise: Social demography of aging, household composition and living arrangements, race and ethnicity in aging populations, labor force participation in later life, productive activity in later life, aging and health
  • Marc Cohen, Clinical Professor, Department of Gerontology, and Co-Director, LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston, Gerontology Institute
    Tel: 617.287.7306
    Expertise: Financing Long-Term Services and Supports, Private Long-Term Care Insurance, Fall Prevention, Service Utilization patterns of Disabled Elders, Family Caregiving, Care Management and Care Transitions, Managing Long-Term Services and Supports Populations
  • Beth Dugan, Associate Professor, Department of Gerontology
    Tel: 617.287.7382
    Expertise: Older drivers and state policy, healthy aging, psychological outcomes
  • Edward Alan Miller, Chair and Professor, Department of Gerontology
    Tel: 617.287.7313
    Expertise: Aging and Long-term Care, Intergovernmental Relations, Program Implementation and Evaluation, Medicaid, Telemedicine and e-health
  • Jan Mutchler, Professor, Department of Gerontology, and Director, Gerontology Institute
    Tel: 617.287.7321
    Expertise: Diversity in aging populations, intergenerational support in later life, health disparities in later life, economic security, the social demography of aging populations, age-friendly communities
  • Pamela Nadash, Associate Professor, Department of Gerontology
    Tel: 617.287.7342
    Expertise: Long term care policy, comparative health policy, consumer choice in health and long term supportive services, integrated care models
  • Sung Park, Assistant Professor, Department of Gerontology
    Expertise: Minority aging, economic inequalities, work as a social determinant of health, caregiving, immigration, social demography 
  • Nina Silverstein, Emeritus Professor, Department of Gerontology
    Expertise: Transportation and aging, Alzheimer’s disease, Age-Friendly Universities, Healthy aging
  • Qian Song, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Gerontology
    Tel: 617.287.7278
    Expertise: Social Determinants of Health, Older Adults, Migration, Life Course Approach, Living Arrangements and Well-being, Work and Later Life, Institutional Discrimination and Health Outcomes
  • Jeffrey Stokes, Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director, PhD Program and Master's in Gerontology Research/Policy, Department of Gerontology
    Tel: 617.287.7239
    Expertise: Marriage and family, aging and life course, health and well-being, neighborhood effects, bereavement