Culinary Adventures

Photo of OLLI members on their Culinary Adventures OLLI Members having lunch at one of the culinary adventure restuarant

Culinary Adventures is an OLLI Special Interest Group (SIG) for those who share a mutual interest or curiosity about food and things culinary.

Culinary Adventures began with 20 OLLI members who formed a Food Group in fall 2009. Their goal was to learn something new about food while having a good time. Now there are 226 members, the name has changed to Culinary Adventures, and there have been more than 50 culinary-related events,     

Group Planning and Coordination
The SIG has a three-person steering committee. Each month a different member of the committee takes responsibility for planning and coordinating an adventure on a particular culinary-related topic.

Typical Activities
There's a mixture of monthly visits to ethnic restaurants, culinary-related talks, museum exhibits, tours, demonstrations, wine tastings, food banks, and classes. Here’s a 2016 - 2017's venue sample:

* Simpson Springs * Tour the oldest independent bottling company in the US and local farmers market.
* A.D. Makepeace * Guided tour of the cranberry bog during harvest.
* Greater Boston Food Bank * Volunteer sorting food and boxing items.
* Townshend Restaurant * Contemporary American Bistro
* Himalayan Bistro * Himalayan
* Noodle Barn * Vietnamese & Thai
* Durgin Park * Good ole' comfort food
* Moldova * Eastern European

Membership and Attendance
Announcements of Culinary Adventures events come out monthly from the OLLI office. While the member list is large, 20-30 members typically attend each event. The week of the month and day vary, and events generally last about 2 ½ hours. Public transportation is almost always available. If not, car-pooling is arranged.

To learn more: Contact one of the members of the Steering Committee. They will be happy to talk with you.

To join us: Contact the OLLI office at 617.287.7312 or at

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