UMass Boston

Applying to the IACUC

There is an application and approval process for all animal research conducted at UMass Boston. Federal regulation requires that all animal research undergo a 3-year rewrite. The 3-year rewrite application includes the same documentation as the initial application. 

The UMass Boston IACUC has two forms of review for new applications and 3 YR re-writes: full committee review and designated member review. 

  1. Full Committee Review (FCR): Studies undergoing full review are typically those that pose greater than minimal risk to animals or some or all of the research procedures fall under USDA categories D& E. 
  2. Designated Member Review (DMR): Per OLAW guidelines, studies undergoing designated member review may occur only after all IACUC members have been provided with a list of the protocols to be reviewed and have an opportunity to call for FCR. If FCR is not requested, the veterinarian and at least one other member of the IACUC designated by the Chair conduct the review. DMR may result in approval, require modifications in (to secure approval), or request FCR.


The UMASS Boston Animal Program utilizes the Kuali online submission program for IACUC protocols. 


Kuali System for the submission of IACUC Protocols