UMass Boston

Personnel Requirements

Below are the 4 steps that should be taken to have research personnel added to an IACUC protocol and gain access to the animal facility. In order to be in compliance with IACUC policy, all personnel must obtain IACUC approval before working with animals or entering the animal facility. 

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
Enrollment Form

Each individual submits this form to Cambridge Health Alliance
(CHA) via email for review and clearance. Allow 5-7 business
days for processing from submit date. If CHA needs
additional information they will reach out to the individual
directly otherwise a clearance will be sent to the IACUC
administrator. Click here to go to the Occupational Health
and Safety webpage. 

CITI Training

All UMass Boston researchers, staff, and students who
are engaged in research involving animal use are required
to complete these CITI training modules every three (3) years;
Working with the IACUC, Responsible Conduct of Research
and a species specific module -- select the species module(s)
appropriate for your research. Modules completed at a
different institution can be transferred for credit by the
user affiliating themselves with ‘University of Massachusetts
Boston’ within CITI. Click here to go to the CITI Program
login webpage. 

Submit IACUC Protocol Modification

After OHS enrollment form and trainings have been completed,
PI can submit an IACUC protocol modification. Once approval
has been obtained, the PI will be notified via email that new
personnel are approved to work on the IACUC protocol and
that they can request access to the animal facilities, if needed.
Click here for more info on how to submit a modification.

Animal Facility Tour and Access Request After IACUC approval has been attained, each individual will
need to participate in an animal facility tour prior to working
with animals. The PI (or delegate, with CC to PI) can schedule
a tour and request access to the animal facility
by emailing Elizabeth Boates.

The below trainings are not part of the IACUC approval process, but are required as part of the animal research training program. IACUC approval will not be held up if the individual does not have these completed prior to request to be on an animal protocol. 

Animal Care and Use Training

This training is designed to educate researchers and students
on the animal care and use program including UMass Boston
responsibilities and policies associated with animals in research
as well as identifying hazards associated with the use of animals
and how to eliminate or manage those risks. This training should
be completed within the first 2 semesters of working with
animals - email for schedule.

Lab Safety Training

This in-person training is provided by the Office of
Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) prior to the
start of each semester. If the individual was unable to
attend, there is a web-based version available to
complete in the interim. Contact OEHS for additional information.