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About College of Management (CM) Requirements & Advising

College of Management Writing Assessment (CMWA)

Non-CM students who have passed the Writing Proficiency Requirement (by exam, portfolio, or E-WRAP) are waived from the CMWA requirement. These students are placed directly into BC 290 and should request enrollment via the CM Undergraduate Registration Request form, which is based on appropriate registration access dates. 

Is the College of Management Right for You? 

Are you interested in joining the College of Management at UMass Boston? The College of Management has two majors, Information Technology (IT) and Management. Students interested in joining the College of Management from another UMass Boston college must meet specific GPA and credit requirements. Please note that since IT and Management majors are Bachelor of Science degrees, they require completion of Managerial Calculus, MATH 134.

To learn more about the courses required in each major, review the Management and IT major requirements on the College of Management’s website (links above), or set up a time to meet with any ACES advisor to discuss the programs. As you review the requirements, consider which major aligns with your strengths and professional interests. What do you see yourself doing with this degree? Is there a particular IT track or Management concentration that appeals to you?

There are many different paths to working in the business world. Having a bachelor’s degree in Management is by no means the only one. A bachelor’s degree in any field can help you develop the kinds of critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills that employers seek. In many cases, it is these types of skills - not any specific major - that will enable you to land an internship or job. Students with a high number of credits or a GPA below 2.75 (2.5 for IT) are advised to identify potential alternate majors to work towards, in the case that they do not end up in the College of Management. For assistance in this process, we suggest working with an ACES advisor to discuss your academic and career goals.

College of Management Policies

Learn about the pass/fail policy, MATH 134 requirement policy, and Dean's List:
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Application process and admission criteria:
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