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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Requirements for a bachelor’s degree from UMass Boston include the number of credit hours of coursework, your grade point average, and residency (minimum credits earned at UMass Boston). Together, the elements of a UMass Boston program - General Education courses, the major, and electives - constitute a strong liberal arts education.

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A UMass Boston education produces college graduates knowledgeable in a broad range of subjects that allow them to function in a global community. But it does not allow a graduate’s competency to stop there. Lifelong success will also demand skills to cope with rapid changes in all facets of human existence: technology, lifestyle, industry, the environment, biomedical sciences, and on and on.

When you graduate, you’ll receive either a bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) degree. Requirements vary somewhat between the two. Also, how you fulfill your course requirements depends on placement testing, the credits you transfer, which college you’re enrolled in, the major you choose, and other choices you make.

Continuing Students: If you’ve been absent from the university for four or more consecutive semesters, you’ll need to meet the requirements and policies in effect upon your return. Your degree audit report will allow you to view your progress toward meeting your requirements.

Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Programs (AMP) allow students to earn a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years. 

Degree Requirements by School