UMass Boston

Faculty Notification

If a student with a disability is registered for a class and has requested an accommodation through the Ross Center, the faculty member will receive a notification through their UMass Boston email address. If the student receives accommodations of flexible attendance and/or extended time for assignments, faculty will receive an additional email describing those accommodations. 

In a few situations, the student may choose to submit the letter to the faculty themselves. This letter will state in general terms that the student is registered with the Ross Center for Disability Services and will list the appropriate accommodations for the student in the class. The Ross Center staff strongly encourages students to request accommodations prior to or at the beginning of each semester, and to speak with each faculty member about the classroom accommodations.  However, there is no requirement that they do either.

If a student approaches a faculty member about needing accommodations and the faculty has had no notification from the Ross Center, the student should be referred to the Ross Center for assistance.